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Lake Kawaguchi is one of the Fuji Five Lakes.
Why do not you enjoy an extraordinary experience in the great nature worshiping Mt.Fuji

BBQ Night

At Dot Hostel&Bar, you can enjoy BBQ on the terrace! Please note that reservations are required in advance. Make sure to book early.

Only one group per day can use this (up to 4 people)
Available from 16:00 to 20:00 (during these hours)
[Fee] Equipment rental only: ¥5,000
If you have any questions, please contact our hostel at 0555-25-6151

Chill with Hookah

We offer Hookah (water tobacco) as well as drinks. When you want to relax alone, talk passionately about your dreams with your friends, watch movies and be impressed, At such a wonderful moment, gently put Hookah on your right hand.

Price 1,500 yen + order one drink/table (* No limited number of tables) Only available in the basement “Munchies” for smoking. No booking is required, but the flavors will be changed every day. * Minors are prohibited from smoking by law. The hostel performs age verification and identity verification using a public certificate when providing Shisha.

Paddle on the shore of a quiet lake! Canadian canoe experience

It is a Canadian canoe experience at “Kawaguchiko”, one of the Fuji Five Lakes at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Why do not you go out on a water walk with your family and couple with Mt. Fuji in the background? Mt. Fuji seen from the lake is very nice. The instructor will explain in detail how to play on the waterside and rules and manners as well as basic rowing techniques for canoeing. Since the instructor will be with you during the experience, even beginners can enjoy it safely.


A four-wheeled buggy running through Fuji exhilaratingly

It is an ATV (4-wheel buggy) experience that runs through the mountains, utilizing the natural forest on the shore of Lake Kawaguchi, one of the Five Lakes of Fuji at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The nature of the course will entertain you with a seasonal look. In addition, you can see the magnificent Mt. Fuji in the middle of the course, and you will feel that you have stepped into the nature that you can not usually feel. After practicing basic skills, an instructor accompanies the course and runs slowly in the forest, so even the first person can participate with confidence.


Regarding the activity, please contact Hokuroku Works.