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The first floor of the hostel is a bar is available to everyone, not just guests. Please confirm the business hours from the following.


Spacious lobby lounge with 20 seats

BALMUDA and Perfect Breakfast.

Get local food and cook at the shared kitchen.

For breakfast, we offer seasonal recommended coffee directly purchased from Kichijoji “Light Up Coffee” by press extraction that enhances the flavor of the beans themselves.

For afternoon tea time at a spacious lobby space. Take out and enjoy a walk or a drive while looking at Mt. Fuji.

We are also waiting for those who are not staying at our hostel.


Open 15:00 – 21:00

Happy Hour!!Minibar with local sake
Watch movies and sports at the 150-inch large-screen theater
Let S’more!!

The Bar offers a wide selection of classic beers and whiskeys, as well as local Yamanashi wines and local beers.

Light meals such as pasta and Doria are also available, please enjoy your meal. You can also play board games, participate in movie screenings, and enjoy hostel-only nights.


Open 24 hours

Basement “MUNCHIES”
The various flavor of Hookah
The sweet tropical flavor is recommended for women

Underground space Munchies is a “secret base for over 19”.

You can enjoy not only drinks and meals but also hookah with chill music. Please enjoy your stay!!