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Group Booking

For those who have trouble arranging accommodation, meeting rooms, meals, and transportation, our planner will support you all. It is also possible to propose special discount plans and activities, and use the entire building for private use.

Please feel free to contact us for a free quotation and proposal according to your budget, number of participants, and requests.

We support a wide range of people, such as those considering circles, club activities, seminars, training camps, corporate training, and offline meetings.

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Spacious lobby lounge with 30 seats

Luxurious BBQ using local ingredients

Zazen experience to learn meditation

Board games from all over the world

A projector is indispensable for training camps. We have a 200-inch theater, and the lobby space can accommodate about 30~50 people at the same time. There are eight private rooms, so you can have a meeting in each room. In addition, BAR offers drinks and meals, so it can be used as a banquet or standing party. Barbecue is also possible on the terrace according to the season. Approximately 10 types of cards and board games are also available, so please use them as an ice-breaking game. Experiences of learning about Japanese cultures, such as zazen experience,  shakyo, and matcha tea are also very popular. Please consider it as one of the contents.

Equipment upon Request

WIFI, Screen&Projecter,whiteboard,Tables&chairs,board games,Hairdryer,TV,Refrigerator,Toaster oven,microwave,electric kettle,kitchenware,etc.

Room Capacity

Maximum 44 people (Dormitory 16 persons, 6 persons/room×2, 4 persons/room×1, 3 persons/room×2, 2 persons/room×3). Please click here for more details.

Dot Homes Inc.

Purpose: Offline Meeting (Team Building)
Number: 8 people
Period: 1 night and 2 days Content: Employee General Metting, BBQ, Zazen 
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Purpose: Offline Meeting (Communication Activity)
Number: 8 people
Period: 1 night and 2 stay
Content: Meeting, BBQ, ZAZEN, Canoe experience
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01. Budget

The offline meeting budget is ¥ 10,000 to ¥ 15,000 per person (including conference room, accommodation, and meals).

02. Meals

We also cater to your dining style, whether it’s Japanese or Western, buffet or lunch. Upgrade to all-you-can-drink is possible.

03. Equipment upon Request

If you need extra hotel equipment, you can arrange it with the planner.

04. Booking dates/people

Most of the tours are held two days a night, but they can be held three days or more for two nights or off-site meetings on a day trip.

05. Access

Transportation by bus, bullet train, airplane, etc. can be arranged by the planner in charge. Please feel free to contact us for a quote.

06. Booking Condition

We also respond to requests for room types such as single-use and shared rooms, and upgrade only executives.

07. Operation 

If the purpose of an offline meeting, such as a board meeting, conference training, or team building, is determined, a proposal can be made more tailored to your needs.。

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